Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why the 2012 team works so well

I've worked on quite a few open source events now - including numerous BarCamps and Software Freedom Days, but it's my first time on a core organising team. Each team has its own quirks, culture, leadership style and challenges - but it was clear from the outset that 2012 was made of awesome - here's why!

  • Everyone is a genuinely nice person. I feel incredibly welcomed, and honoured, to be a part of this team. Watching at work is like watching an older married couple - comfortable with each others' habits and needs, knowing what has to be done, and getting on with it using humour, light-hearted banter and a lot of laughs.

  • Everyone brings a unique skillset to the table. Sae Ra (@msmarymac) is an absolutely gun at graphics and multimedia, and everything she touches just looks amazing. Duncan is brilliant at managing our conference software, ZooKeepr, and manages to stay sane in the face of the many 'undocumented features' it has. Brett (@SuperRoach) and Tristan are our AV gurus and know what it's going to take to make recordings of talks top notch. Cameron (@ctudball) manages our finances and ensures that suppliers get paid on time, and that there's an accurate paper trail. Michael Ellery, our esteemed sysadmin takes care of the myriad systems we have to support the conference.

  • Last but not least is Josh Stewart (@noisymime), who in between juggling full time work and a young family has dedicated himself to bringing to Ballarat. Josh's leadership style is laid back while productive; he guides people gently to an outcome and is always willing to take on board the opinions of others. His leadership style works very well for this event - where all the organisers are volunteers and are very capable. Josh is always attuned to the mood of his team - and there hasn't been a task yet that I haven't been thanked for! So many people don't realise that simple please and thank you cost nothing - and can be incredibly rewarding.
Stay tuned for more from the team!

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  1. On behalf of the LCA2012 team, we are all tattered. However, as the factual bean-counter type, I feel the need to say thatyou have missed two crucial points:

    1) Hats! Surely out of all the committees i have served on, this one has the most outrageous and varied head gear.

    2) How much you have brought to the team. I can safely say that we have all appreciated both the huge amount of work you've done, the skills you've brought to the table, and most of all the energy you have added. You're, qte simple, incredible.