Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feeling silly

If you've attended in the past, you might've noticed a strange tagline / description appearing on your badge. Eg:

  • "a narrowly referenced structure"
  • "an improbably terminal expert"
  • "one mysteriously immutable definition"

Naturally the type of people who attend are not the type of people to simply leave this as is and a tradition of 'hacking' this description has become popular. Each year this tended to get a little more complicated (As always Futurama paints a great picture of this process) and so with registrations now open for 2012, I thought I'd give a quick view of how we approached this and drop a few hints in case you're having trouble.

First of all, Zookeepr (The conference management system uses) is open source and this was in the back of our minds as we put the code together, so if you want to have any chance of customising your tag description, you'll have to take a read of it. To this end though, we'll even save you some leg work and say that the code we run on is always available at

Secondly, whilst there's a shortcut or 2 to figuring it out, I suggest you do actually try to figure out what each section of the code is doing as trying to shortcut the whole thing probably won't help. 

Remember it's just python, so really, how hard can it be? ;)


  1. The following pull request tipped me off –

    I like haiku, we like haiku, everyone likes haiku!

  2. Thanks for the hints. For anyone working on it, note that you want the hostname "lca2012".

  3. Stepping through the code will pay off.
    Anon0upU8U5Y speaks truth.
    HTML BASE tag could be useful.