Sunday, September 18, 2011

So many stars!

On the weekend in Ballarat there was beautiful clear skies and when evening had comfortably settled in for the night there was this beautiful gradient washed over the sky... it went from blue to black. It made me think about how accurately we managed to capture that on our 2012 website.

We are very lucky to have that sort of skyline out here in Ballarat. That's the one thing I have noticed, now that I live in Melbourne there's a distinct lack of stars it's always refreshing to come back to Ballarat and just stand there "under the stars".

Our Schwag has strongly followed the "under the stars" idea. I'm not going to give away much because I would like to keep a little element of surprise but wow.... even I'm impressed and I'm tough to please. T-shirts are ordered, Lanyards have been printed and delivered. Bags are being printed as we speak, Secret Schwag is working it's way through the printer. So much going on! I'm definitely going to need to organise a holiday after this.

According to our countdown there's 118 days left until 2012 starts. Time is flying WAY too quickly, I do have to say that our core organising team have got it right. We're not panicking, we're taking everything in our stride and enjoying this experience and I really hope that reflects in January for you guys. We are doing what we can to make this the best conference that we can possibly give to you. So please do register, get on board and joins us under the stars...

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