Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silly silliness

In a previous post ( I discussed the background behind this years 'Silly' tag in the registration process for 2012. Now that we're just a month out, I thought I'd share some of the amusing replacement descriptions that people have entered:
  • Take me to your dairy!
  • from Scotland import Whisky
  • trapped in the badge factory send help plz
  • a very inquisitive Groundhog ][
  • blood type: AB+
  • lazy kitteh is lazy
  • I ported Python to GRUB
  • Putting the eek back in Geek
  • Don't ask if I'm enjoying the partner program
  • rfeia sp
  • Well-behaved women rarely make history
  • someone keeps moving my chair
  • Hi floor, make me a sammich!
  • Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--
  • au.conf.linux.DBus.Error.NoSillyDescription
  • Mmmmmm salt, mysterious salt
  • Lua programmer extraordinaire
  • wandering foo monkey ninja
  • does this smell like chloroform to you?

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